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Unlocking Efficiency through Digital Workspace Solutions at inLynk!

inlynk employee engagement

Why Digital Workspace is the key for Business Growth and Success?

inLynk Employee Engagement
Lack of Integration and Communication

inLynk supports the quick integration of tools and resources, enabling a dynamic digital workplace for enhanced productivity being the perfect solution for communication and task management.

inLynk Employee Engagement
Improper Engagement between Individuals and Organizations

inLynk attempts to offer the transformative power of our digital workspace solutions that redefines how individuals and organizations collaborate for 70% business growth.

inLynk Digital Workspace Features

Top Benefits offered by our Digital Workspace Solution

Private Social Networking

inLynk provides the most engaging Private Social Media Platform. A company can onboard all its employees and start the engagement process with posts on the News Feed about industry shenanigans, events, team news, personal achievements, and more. Everyone in the Digital Workspace can post, like, share, and comment on the posts by one another. They can retain information by bookmarking them or reporting invaluable content under security policies.

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Acknowledge Achievement and Provide Recognition

Acknowledging and recognizing your employees contributes openly to a culture of motivating everyone to work relentlessly. Boost their morale through the power of an integrated private network that indulges every other employee. Recognize and celebrate the individuals who are the backbone of your organization's success. Build a welcoming environment of sharing feedback, achievements, special occasions and more with inLynk Digital Workspace.

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Uplift Connection, Ignite Operational Brilliance

inLynk provides individual, group, and broadcast messaging to allow your employees to communicate and share business information. The audio and video individual and group calls can streamline employee communication and collaboration. One can create tasks and reminders from the chat and broadcast messages using digital workplace solutions. The engagement helps to complete tasks and communicate with a speed that will show up both in the bottom line and on your customers' faces.


Transforming Minds: Elevate, Engage, Excel

Give your employees access to product knowledge with category and sub-category structure. When employees understand each product, it's easier to answer customers' questions and provide factual information. It allows employees to focus on the benefits and be better at the business goals.


Effortless Task & Reminder Mastery Ahead

Assign your workforce with task and reminder management. Effortlessly create, assign, and track tasks, ensuring timely goal completion. Elevate individual and team productivity by simplifying workflows and enhancing communication through our intuitive and comprehensive management system.

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Harvesting Wisdom with Content Management Module

Working on the ethos of Growing with Knowledge inLynk's Content Management empowers users to create impactful content. This collective knowledge pool becomes the backbone for diverse resources. Not only does it promote information sharing, but it also plays a pivotal role in shaping our certification programs.

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Certifications Nurturing Niche Learning for Proficiency

At inLynk, our certification programs redefine employee development. Tailored for niche learning, these programs go beyond traditional training, ensuring a deep understanding of products and fostering excellence in research and development. It gives the idea to embrace new horizons designed to propel individual growth and company innovation.


Media Drive to Hoist Your Brand Impact

Organize your business and marketing materials in a folder and sub-folder structure with inLynk Media Drive for Digital workspace solutions. The EDM folder has the tool to use the available business EDMs and white-label them by changing logos, email, phone, and address. Certify your team to share and download EDMs for unparalleled brand promotion and lead generation success.

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inLynk Digital Workspace Solutions

Build the industry’s best business eco-system for digital workhub engagement with best features and tools for communications, recognitions, collaborations, learning, certification, and brand promotion activities.

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