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inLynk Partner Engagement Features

Top Benefits offered by our Partner Engagement Solution

Consolidate Deal Registrations

Deal registration is a crucial aspect of collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) companies, facilitated by inLynk's innovative deal registration feature within Private Relationship Management Software. This tool lets businesses formally record and secure their engagement in potential deals with OEMs, ensuring transparency among partners. Companies can safeguard their interests, track progress, and establish clear ownership by registering sales.

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Dynamic Affiliate Management System

inLynk revolutionizes collaboration through its cloud-based SaaS video affiliate platform - inAffiliate. This innovative system empowers users to earn by predicting their audience's needs and recommending exceptional video meeting solutions tailored to specific verticals. Affiliates can leverage this platform to optimize video collaboration experiences and monetize their insights by recommending top-notch solutions.

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Maximize Influence with Media Drive

The inLynk media drive entrusts employees by offering a user-friendly platform to organize content. With the ability to create folders and files, employees can efficiently manage and categorize media assets. This feature facilitates flawless collaboration within the company, as employees can easily share these folders or files with their internal connections.

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Private Social Networking

inLynk provides a secure, dedicated space for you and your partners to connect, share insights, and drive mutual success. Employees can like, comment on, and share each other's posts. They can post images, videos and URLs and share the information with other employees. They can bookmark any interested posts and report abuse if they find any abusive content.

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Unlock Greatness with Resource Center

Access a comprehensive repository of resources, including marketing collateral, product information, and training materials. Allot your partners with the knowledge they need to excel. Ensure that your network remains exclusive and confidential with a controlled invitation system. Grant access only to trusted partners.

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Real-time Messaging and Collaboration Tools

Stay connected with partners through instant messaging, discussion forums, and collaborative workspaces. The audio and video individual and group calls can streamline employee communication and collaboration. They can create tasks and reminders from the chat and broadcast messages, helping to complete tasks and communicate with a speed that will show up both in the bottom line and on your customers' faces.

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Engaging Learner Experience across your Organization

Entrust your team with organized access to product knowledge through a precise category and sub-category structure. A deep understanding of each product streamlines customer interactions, helping your employees confidently provide accurate information.This enhances customer service and allows your team to spotlight the unique benefits of each product, recognizing and rewarding their dedication.

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Intuitive Task & Reminder Management

Elevate your team to generate seamlessly, assign, and track tasks and reminders. Practical task and reminder management fosters collaboration, empowering individuals and groups to achieve their personal and collective objectives.

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inLynk Partner Relationship Management

Build strategic alliances effortlessly with inLynk deal registration, affiliate management, media kits, a comprehensive resource center, and exclusive private social networking.

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